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    "Jacques Bernou has been my acupuncturist for a hand-full of years, I have passed his name onto many of my clients. I would trust him with any of my physical, mental or internal problems. If you ask him a question regarding a problem and he doesn't have the answer, just give him some time and he will find it. He is honest, caring and loving, if he is unable to help with a problem you bring to him he will gladly refer you on to someone that can help you, or ask you to contact your own doctor."

    - Massage Therapist

    "I can't express how thankful I am to have found a true healer like Jacques Bernou. From treating debilitating nerve pain caused by Trigeminal Neuralgia, to sore muscles, back pain and colds, Jacques treatments have been a godsend. Over the last 12 years, I had sought every western medical option available, including brain surgery, but it was not until working with Jacques, did my body start to respond to treatment. In my acupuncture sessions, Jacques has helped me find overall life and body balance, helping me live an overall healthier life. He is a wonderful human being to boot and I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for help in life."

    - Eric W, Walnut Creek

    "I met Jacques 6 years ago and through his talents, caring nature and commitment to helping me heal and stay healthy; I can truly say my life has changed. He uses an approach that is a blend of herbs, needles and pressure points. Nothing is ever scary. Jacques is always gentle and he creates a safe and open environment for me to be honest and open about what I need and how I am feeling. I initially went to see Jacques because of his amazing reputation for helping women with fertility issues. After several months, not only was I successful at getting pregnant, I started to understand the importance of taking care of the whole body as a system. It's been a journey ever since and I am honored that Jacques is my teacher, healer and friend."

    - Colette C, Walnut Creek

    "Jacques is a natural-born healer who truly cares about people. I was a skeptic about Acupuncture my whole life - and maybe still am - but I believe in whatever it is Jacques does. He heals. Jacques uses a combination of needles, herbs and talking/listening with/to me. There is a not a single friend or colleague I have not referred to him and each and every one loves him."

    - Debbie T, Fairfield

    "I was going through a lot of stress, which caused a great deal of neck and shoulder pain. Working with Jacques helped to release a great deal of this pain and take away my stress. A treatment with Jacques is always such a huge help!He is so nurturing and very informative. Also a huge help with PMS symptoms."

    - Dana W, Owner of Green Buddha Products

    "Over the years, I have worked with many acupuncturists for chronic health issues. Jacques is, by far, the best acupuncturist I have found. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he is extraordinarily caring and kind as well. He is a good listener, and spends the time needed to really get a handle on what treatment and herbs would be of most benefit. He is a gem. I couldn't recommend him more highly. "

    - Tamara S, Painter

    "I took my teenage son to Jacques to be treated for concussion - I figured if the US Military uses acupuncture to treat their concussed soldiers, there must be something to it. The treatment was extremely helpful to my son, and his recovery progressed much more rapidly while being treated by Jacques. In addition, Jacques was superb in easing my son's apprehensions about being poked with needles - he did a bit of acupressure in the beginning to ease his concerns, which was very helpful. Soon my son was taking the needles willingly, and looking forward to each treatment - because he felt better each time! Jacques has excellent bedside manner. He is happy to consult with practitioners from other disciplines when he thinks that might help his patient. He is also unusually knowledgable about Chinese herbs, and I eventually learned that he interned with one of the recognized experts in Chinese medicine/herbs in the Bay Area, which explains his level of skill. I highly recommend Jacques! "

    - David L, Lafayette

    "Jacques calm, comforting, knowledgable nature makes you feel instantly comfortable. I was having stomach problems. He was able to "settle" my stomach in one visit and gave me information to take home about certain food to eat that would continue to help. "

    - Denise C, Orinda

    "It is impossible for me to exaggerate the impact Jacques has had on my life. I'm a high school teacher in my late twenties, and I've always been relatively healthy and capable of managing high stress. Mid-October of this school year, however, I was hit with a migraine that simply didn't go away. The pain was so debilitating, I had to leave my job. I was desperate to find help, but I could not find anything that worked. I went to my general physician, a neurologist, a pain specialist, three counselors, massage therapists, etc. and the pain continued unabated. As a "last gasp," I finally swallowed my skepticism and decided to find an acupuncturist. When I called Jacques, I was immediately taken by his kindness, compassion, and confidence. He told me that he would absolutely be able to help (an assertion no one else had been able to make!), and help he did. After the second treatment, my pain had decreased substantially (from an 8/10 to a 1). After the fourth treatment, my pain simply stopped. In two weeks, Jacques was able to stop the migraines that had debilitated me for six months. I have now been seeing Jacques for several months and have not had a single migraine. I will be able to return to teaching and am able to actually live my happy life again! It still seems like a miracle to me! If you have any hesitation about the efficacy of acupuncture (as I did), I hope you don't wait any longer and start by seeing him. He is honest, empathic, and skilled. He quite literally brought me back to my health, and is teaching me a lot of how to preserve my health in the future! "

    - Katie K, Lafayette

    "My wife and I have used the services of many acupuncturists over the years, and Jacques is the most knowledgable, helpful, compassionate acupuncturist we have ever worked with. He is always available to answer questions over the phone and will research any supplement or treatment you may have an interest in. His caring nature is as healing as the acupuncture treatment itself. "

    - David S, Lafayette

    "Because of my great experience with taking my dog for acupuncture I called up my buddies at the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and asked "who do you all go to for acupuncture." In unison 3 people said "Jacques". He is the best and the greatest and the kindest and the wisest. I am very impressed with his technique, knowledge, and care. I am so glad I am under his care. I recommend him to everyone."

    - Barbara T, Lafayette